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Where the Future of ESG Begins

The Marketplace is increasingly demanding clarity on how ESG will be hardwired in your organization. ESG Has Become The New Market Imperative.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues are increasingly seen by investors and other stakeholders as a window into the future of your business.

Your stakeholders want you to share your unique point of view on the material ESG factors intersecting with your business and the robust process you used to derive them.


With over $124 Trillion (USD) in assets under management behind them, investors are gearing up to favor companies that embrace ESG transformation. 

ESG is fast emerging as the primary driver of consumer sentiment toward companies, especially in an era when the public is increasingly concerned about the environment, employee health and safety, and social justice.

Increasingly, ESG is also seen as a Workforce Strategy, where ESG performance has become a competitive advantage – both in engaging today’s employees and attracting tomorrow’s talent.

The question is, does your company just want to sound good, or do you want to reap the potential benefits of doing good?


Recent studies indicate that as many as 98% of all companies don’t have the hard data to back up their sustainability claims.  This practice is called “Greenwashing.”

According to global law firm, Baker McKenzie, these companies may be subjecting themselves to potential legal actions that could result in costly legal challenges and reputational risks. 

Regulators around the world and activist investors are both pressing for new sustainability regulations and mandates that will create clarity in ESG disclosures and claims made by companies and investment firms.

But how do you decide where to start, what to invest in and in what order to tackle each initiative?

Capital markets are at an inflection point where corporates can no longer ignore the importance of ESG factors.  Investors are willing to look beyond the “noise” if:

  1. Companies are disciplined about providing robust ESG reporting,
  2. Have a strategy anchored in a strong sustainable narrative and purpose, and,
  3. That is complemented with constructive stakeholder engagement.

You need a clear action plan to meet these requirements.

goProdigii’s 4IMPACT ESG Research and Strategy Consulting services is the global management consultancy of one of the world’s most innovative Information, Communication and Technology Companies.   

We navigate companies through their unique sustainability transformation journeys – from strategy to operations.

We enable you to build your company’s sustainable future. Our ESG domain and subject matter experts draw on time-tested expertise and experience to help you to refine your sustainable vision, set clear priorities and choose the right strategy to lead your business to success in this ESG era. With our holistic consulting approach, we work alongside with you from strategy development to implementation.

Successful ESG transformation demands an interconnected approach, bringing together a myriad of investors, people & organizations, operations & processes and the best of breed digital AI-powered ESG technologies.

Case Study Example

The following is a brief case study example where we helped a company to:

  • Identify, prioritize and validate the most material ESG issues that the company should focus on to optimize the use of resources.
  • Establish common ground where the company and its key stakeholders understand and agree on both the definition of “ESG” and the desired outcomes.
  • Develop an ESG strategy, summarized in the diagram below, guided by the overarching vision and mission of the company, and that efficiently incorporates ESG into company operations.


Discover the most material topics that you need to measure, manage and disclose based on your organizations business and areas of impact

  • Map multiple tiers of ESG data to SASB standards, metrics and disclosure frameworks. 
  • Collaborate with current and potential investors to develop your ESG narrative.
  • Establishing breakthrough sustainability goals and objectives. 
  • Establish high-level Governance Frameworks.


Identify the governance and management approach required to address your material topics.  Where are you managing ESG well and where are the Gaps?

  • Create a unified, end-to-end view of how your company will deliver on its ESG promises.
  • Establish ESG policies and procedures, standards and benchmarks.
  • Obtain: Board buy-in, Sponsorship & Executive Agreement.
  • Establish a direct line of sight between achieving social results and business performance for stakeholders, regulators and markets.


Develop a management approach & disclosure process for your material topics required to make meaningful and sustained progress.

  • Automate flows of structured, unstructured, internal and external ESG data.
  • Automate enterprise level ESG metrics and reporting.
  • Leverage supply chain ecosystem to identify underserved markets, intro new ESG “infused” products.
  • Build “connective tissue” integrating ESG at the enterprise level.


Share your overall purpose, ESG strategy, disclosures, narrative and specific and measurable ambitions for the material ESG risks intersecting with your business.

  • Spearhead value through cross functional agile ESG teams.
  • Prepare your teams for ESG with We the Leader and ESG subject matter training.
  • Create new value data chains by forming partnerships to marshal resources of a diverse set of networks in your ecosystem.
  • Use of AI hyper-learning to spot large-scale disruption opportunities.
  • Where appropriate, invest in community cluster development.

We would love you hear from you and to discuss our bespoke approach to helping your company engage in sustainable transformation.  Just fill out the Contact Us form and we respond to you promptly.

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