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How we make your company a sustainability leader

Excellent ESG programs are a cornerstone of business success in the modern marketplace. But creating an excellent ESG program is a challenge.

The introduction of ESG disclosure requirements into the competitive marketplace has transformed the way modern companies are expected to do business. There are several major challenges associated with any ESG project:

Data Sourcing

ESG implementation requires centralized, consistent data. But company data is often scattered across disparate sources. Sourcing and organizing this data is a major ESG challenge.

Companies must also learn how to use this data. Companies must develop new competencies in mapping and understanding data flows from sources of big data. These data flows must be related to ESG priorities in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand for all stakeholders.

Tracking Stakeholder Priorities

ESG is a rapidly changing field. Many surprising and complex changes in investor and stakeholder priorities are expected for years to come. Companies seeking ESG excellence must be able to track and adapt to these changes.

Regulatory changes are also expected, and compliance teams must anticipate and proactively respond to these changes. Board members and senior executives need to be kept aware of these changes and alerted to any potential issues.

Organization integration

ESG initiatives don't operate in a vacuum. Effective ESG solutions integrate with broader operating, risk, and compliance programs. Well-integrated programs help companies and their boards quantify and manage ESG risk, value and impact leading up to increased quarter-on-quarter performance.

That's where goProdigii comes in.

GoProdigii offers professional services that help you create world-class sustainability solutions for your company.

We offer professional services that provide the technological infrastructure and professional expertise you need to create practical, scalable solutions to global sustainability challenges.



We make ESG implementation approachable with our 5-step process. 

1. Conduct an ESG Materiality Assessment

We start by conducting an organization-wide ESG materiality assessment to determine what your organization's ESG requirements are and what data you need to meet those requirements.

2. Establish a Compelling Business Narrative

Using the information we uncover during the materiality assessment, we work with you to craft a compelling narrative you can use to drive internal and external buy-in for your ESG project.

3. Formulate Your Business Objectives

We work with your organization to select quantifiable business objectives you can track and measure. We work with you to develop an organization-wide view of your ESG management.

4. Implement Your New ESG Software

Using either our proprietary technology or a platform of your choice, we implement an ESG data dashboard you can use to track all your ESG data, risks, and responsibilities from one place.

5. Expand Your New Value Creation

We work with you to expand your thinking and capability to create new and innovative solutions to problems in ESG. This will lead to your organization becoming a recognized leader in sustainability.

Companies who work with goProdigii enjoy...

Step-Function Market Value Increases

Companies we work with achieve step-function increases in market value by providing the functional communication infrastructure companies need to integrate ESG programs.

Quarter-on-Quarter Profit Increases

The sustainability and strategy initiatives our professional services team designs lead directly to quarter-on-quarter increases in performance for our partner companies.

Stakeholder & Customer Love

Sustainability and social equity are becoming an increasingly important part of customer & client considerations. Companies we work with become more sustainable, equitable, and are highly regarded by key customers and stakeholders.

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