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Businesses today are facing unprecedented stakeholder pressure to engage in sustainable transformation. Those that thrive will be hyper-focused on driving value in the long term, innovating and adapting to change in the short term faster than their competitors.

In a similar manner to the challenges faced by companies from digital transformation, the challenges and uncertainties presented by ESG are leading many organizations to start small: e.g., they put a toe in by launching pilots, watching market reactions, waiting for industry norms to emerge, and monitoring potential changes in new regulations.


Source Diagram: “Gartner Says ESG Tops General Counsel’s Governance and Board Management Goals for 2021.”  May 28, 2021. Gartner Says ESG Tops General Counsel’s Governance and Board Management Goals for 2021

Further, lessons learned from digital transformation indicate that organizations that rapidly incorporate ESG into their business model and operations are most likely to reap the greatest benefits in long-term value creation.

However, we understand that most organizations simply aren’t built to succeed this way.

Hone expertise in a specific subject area, standardize best practices for wide-scale adoption, and provides thought leadership & direction in their area of expertise.

Since multiple projects will be identified to complete each year, individual projects can be handled with the appropriate approaches allowing for completion of more projects than if you were handling the process on your own.

Each of our ESG Centers of Excellence engagements are customized to the unique needs of your organization.  Teams are comprised of diverse teams of subject matter experts skilled in goProdigii’s unique “We the Leader” leadership methods.


Typical engagements fall within one of the following models:

  • If problems have already been well-defined, goProdigii can take existing documentation, interact with relevant personnel, put together Statements of Work, and build custom Data-driven solutions.
  • goProdigii can act in a Solution Architect role to understand the business problem & available data, determine technical & temporal limitations, and deliver a detailed approach document that can be leveraged for either solving internally or working with us.
  • goProdigii can act in a strategic advisory role where your team develops solutions, and goProdigii provides the thought leadership, mentorship, feasibility analysis, and technical blueprinting before and during development.
  • goProdigii can provide both problem-specific workshops as well as leadership and technical training on how to solve specific types of problems and/or how to utilize advanced Data Science methods (e.g., Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Spectral Clustering, etc.).
  • goProdigii’s subject matter experts become an extension of your existing team, report to you, and can be used where required.

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