Bespoke AI Solutions

GoProdigii is synonymous with all things Data Science. We build custom, end-to-end A.I. Solutions that live and evolve with our clients. We are not limited to just building models and sharing code – our clients also turn to us for help with Data Engineering, Deployment, and Model Lifecycle Management in Production across major Cloud & On-Premise Infrastructures. Whether it be Patterns, Predictions, Optimization, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, or the latest Big Data & IOT technologies, we have an experienced team that can help your company.

What Makes Our AI Excellent?


Ingest, store, and prepare big data (structured and unstructured) for easy access and Machine Learning on premise or on cloud.

Machine Learning Modeling

Enable applications to learn from the collected data and improve their performance over time without human intervention.

Machine Learning App Development

Build the face of the solution, a dashboard or a UI. A portal for end-users to leverage the AI.


Deploy and maintain AI solutions in production reliably and efficiently.

Pattern recognition

Analyze data with sophisticated algorithms to unlock hidden connections and well-concealed patterns that would be impossible to detect with the human eye or traditional methods.


With the help of Artificial Intelligence, we find intriguing patterns and details that impact your company's performance in multiple ways. Advanced quantitative methods can analyze thousands of variables, and their complex relationships, to extract the essence of high dimensional raw data into condensed and easy to understand insights. These reliable data-driven insights enable you to make the right decisions and plans for your business to move towards the desired goals with increased efficiency.

Text Analytics & Natural Language Processing

This is not simple keyword mining – rather, it is the use of advanced Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing techniques that enable previously unthinkable insight to be garnered from any source of text.


In text analytics, we have built numerous custom solutions that use both syntactic and semantic analysis, and our Data Scientists are experts in Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Mining, and Text Classification. We actively work with the latest and most sophisticated Deep Learning techniques to deliver these solutions. Our aim is to solve the unstructured data problems of the present and to continue exploring solutions for the unstructured data of the future.

Computer Vision

This is one of the most interesting innovations in Artificial Intelligence, where machines can analyze and interpret images and videos – in many case, even better than a human expert.


The last few years have seen impressive advancements in Deep Learning techniques that can learn from large image and video data sets to accomplish vision tasks previously thought impossible for machines. At goProdigii we are hard at work to translate all this academic progress into building tangible solutions for real-world business problems. From detecting defects in manufactured parts to helping auditors find fraudulent invoices, we have the ability to build innovative vision-based solutions for your needs.

Predictive Analytics

Still relying on traditional analysis that only provides a view of the past or simple statistics for estimates of the future? Artificial Intelligence enables much more accurate predictions and the ability to provide recommendations for positively impacting the future.


Data Science can be used for a variety of purposes such as predicting which customers will have the highest lifetime value; when assets will fail; and which investments will result in the most ROI. These are business-critical problems where sophisticated algorithms can be leveraged to support or contradict intuition and shape future success.


Optimization is important when presented with limited options and a mandate to construct the best possible solution under a variety of constraints. The synthesis of algorithms and advanced math are revolutionary.


Most business problems faced by a modern enterprise can be represented in terms of optimization. Companies usually seek to maximize desirable traits like profit and customer satisfaction or minimize unwanted traits like material wastage and churn. Achieving these objectives is non-trivial, especially when confronting real life constraints imposed on their operation. The ability to build complex, optimization-based solutions for solving critical business problems is essential to competing in today’s data driven era.

IoT & Big Data

goProdigii has a mature IoT & Big Data team that has architected and deployed custom, large-scale ecosystems and applications for various organizations. Our expertise spans every aspect of IoT & Big Data including the underlying algorithms, sensors, open-source technologies, and leading platforms. We provide an unbiased perspective and skillset that will dramatically hasten your time-to-value.


To harness the Internet of Things requires an understanding of systems, sensors, modeling, simulation, big data, connected devices, and advanced analytics – all while emphasizing human behavior, and representing a rich interconnection between parts. This is bread and butter to what we do, but IoT is just a curtain that covers the real value – the data you will collect. goProdigii synthesizes all of these skills to build custom solutions that drive positive business impact for forward-thinking organizations. Our team has solved a wide-array of problems that involve tapping sensor data and doing things such as predicting the failure of manufacturing equipment, cell phone towers, and medical devices. We also help companies assess their current production environments and institute roadmaps for integrating various Industry 4.0 technologies.

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