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goProdigii’s 4IMPACT is an affordable, easy-to-use sustainability management solution designed specifically for growing small to mid-cap businesses and subsidiaries.  Our global ecosystem enables GoProdigii to simplify the complexities of ESG by bridging the balance between software, world-class consulting services, and related support services to help to compete in the sustainability marketplace.


Leading Corporates and Foundations, both are now required to look beyond financial growth alone and are increasingly embracing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics that impact corporate value and reputation over the long term.

The goProdigii Advantage!

Corporates and foundations can now simply and cost effectively consolidate ESG data and reporting in one place and then leverage the power of automation and AI-driven insights for better decision-making and sustainable value creation.


Aggregate data, collaborate across teams, and spin up ESG reports from disparate parts of your system thanks to a flexible data model that permits many-to-many collaborative relationships.


Every aspect of the GoProdigii 4IMPACT experience is designed with business users in mind.   4IMPACT can be rapidly implemented, so you are realizing operational efficiencies from automating manual processes as quickly as possible.


Thanks to our intuitive interface and powerful reporting functionality, your investors will have confidence that you will always have the information you need to run your ESG programs effectively and in a safe secure environment.


With 4IMPACT you will have the power to link different parts of your ESG program together to create new perspectives and reveal new insights. You are limited only by your imagination.

4IMPACT enables you to overcome the Five Main Organizational Challenges that Corporates and Non-Profits Need to Address in Order to Become an Attractive Impact / ESG / Sustainable Investment

The First ESG Challenge: Compliance

Emerging ESG regulatory requirements in the US, EU and around the world present a challenge to executives and their organizations that most are unprepared to meet.


Complying with these regulatory requirements will present most organizations with a data sourcing and governance challenge, requiring new layers of data and transparency, new technology applications and clear links to company objectives to successfully drive compliance with these new regulations.

The Second ESG Challenge: Scope

While some elements of ESG involve “high velocity” risks, such as climate risk and cybersecurity control, many other aspects of ESG involve slower moving risks.

This presents proactive organizations with the ability to turn ESG Risks into an organizational opportunity.


The Third ESG Challenge: Speed

The slower motion impact of many ESG risks has caused many companies to view ESG / sustainability as a transitional (“go slow”) opportunity to graft sustainable business practices onto existing business models and operations.  Not so.


Source Diagram: “Gartner Says ESG Tops General Counsel’s Governance and Board Management Goals for 2021.”  May 28, 2021. Gartner Says ESG Tops General Counsel’s Governance and Board Management Goals for 2021

Just like digital transformation, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has the potential to revamp how successful organizations plan, implement, and operate.

Lessons learned from digital indicate that organizations that rapidly incorporate ESG into their business model and operations are most likely to reap the greatest benefits in long-term value creation.

The Fourth ESG Challenge: Transparency

The push in recent years for companies to commit to ESG efforts is commendable. But so far, those efforts have yielded scarce results.

Recent studies indicate that as many as 98% of all companies don’t have the hard data to back up their sustainability claims.  This nefarious practice is called “Greenwashing.”

As evidence of the connection between a company’s social and environmental impact and its financial performance continues to grow, companies ignore these trends at their peril.

Ultimately, capitalism is nothing more than the sum of individual choices. Our economy is no more moved by an invisible hand than a Ouija board is moved by invisible spirits.


The Fifth ESG Challenge: Accountability

This lack of accuracy and accountability is not surprising – at least to us.  

A century ago, the modern financial reporting framework that we now know as the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), for example, underwent an extensive process of give and take process to become transparent, standard, mandatory, and audited.

This created a sense of accountability that stakeholders are demanding today from corporates and non-profits in relation to sustainability.

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework is to sustainability what FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) are to traditional financial accounting.

This is also why goProdigii has chosen to license and apply the SASB Materiality Map® and full Standards in our work and in the design of all our products.  Problem solved!

The Solution

4IMPACT has all the functionality to help you achieve impact in ESG by leveraging information to maximize efficiency, reach new customers and drive profitable growth

Our approach creates optimum efficiency and value for your organization by providing the flexibility you need when designing your sustainability management and reporting technology platform.


4IMPACT is organized around a set of modular “platforms” that efficiently, effectively, and simply solve for the each of the five organizational challenges in ESG implementation.

Each platform consists of a logical cluster of activities and associated technology that delivers on a specific business goal and can therefore be run either as a business with our help (Managed Services), or directly by you under a Software as a Service Agreement (SaaS).

Main Platform Features

Investment Grade

investmentSASB Standards provide companies with sustainability metrics designed to communicate performance on industry-level sustainability topics in a concise, comparable format using existing reporting mechanisms. Companies can use the Standards to help ensure that disclosure is reliable, decision-useful for investors, and cost-effective for issuers.

SASB Standards are intended to constitute “suitable criteria” for purposes of an attestation engagement as defined by Paragraph. A42 of AT-C section 1053 and referenced in AT-C section 395.4 .

Regulatory Compliance Integration

regulatorySASB Sustainability Accounting Standards comprise (1) disclosure guidance and (2) accounting standards or metrics for use by U.S. and foreign public companies in their disclosures to investors, such as in annual reports and filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), including Forms 10-K, 20-F, 40-F, 10-Q, 8-K and S-1 and S-3.

This is why GoProdigii licenses and applies the SASB Materiality Map® and full Standards in our work, enabling you to rapidly adapt to regulatory changes in the US, EU and around the world.

Centralized Data

centralizedProducing investment grade disclosures requires confidence in the data at every step in the process, from data collection at source through to the production of disclosures. 

Our process begins with a strategy, clear objectives, agreement on the types and sources of data to be collected and analytics essential to reaching your goals. 

We then design a bespoke Data Lakehouse solution to manage the growing volume of material ESG data, and then on your approval, implement the bespoke data architecture that ensures that you are audit-ready at every step in the ESG management and disclosure process.

Our end game is best defined with one word: Results.

Streamlined Reporting

streamlinedIndustry reports indicate that companies are spending up to 80% of their ESG budget producing their sustainability disclosures, and only 20% on creating sustainable value.  Our no code / low code ESG-Governance, Risk, Control (ESG-GRC) solution enables to rapidly automate the process of producing ESG metrics and disclosures.  

Or we can work with your team integrate our ESG-GRC solution with your existing platform.

Regardless of which option you choose, we measure performance and continuously refine the system to ensure it meets or exceeds your expectations.

AI-Powered Analytics

ai poweredCorporate sustainability is inherently a cross-functional exercise, enabling your leadership teams to rapidly work across companies, cultures, functions, and geographies to create ESG resilience.  Value in sustainability is best created by assembling diverse teams of leaders having the ability to see the whole picture to optimize the value of the individual parts.  Obtaining the maximum value of your ESG data requires the support of a series of hyper-learning tools- deep Learning, meta-model-based simulations – which can then be used by your teams to zoom out to spot large-scale disruption opportunities, fast to keep up with the speed ESG is evolving.

Dynamic Issues Management

dynamicImagine coordinating ESG issues management and tracking for all risk remediation strategies across the enterprise in one location. No more siloed or manual processes, as issues are uncovered.  Dynamically set limits on ESG risks accounting for business value creation, strategy, ESG standards and competitive environment.

Enabling leadership to rapidly work within and across companies, cultures, functions, and geographies to create ESG resilience. Automated group wide ESG project management and collaboration tools. 

Document and manage remediation action relating to sustainability performance in one platform.

Mitigate ESG Supplier Ecosystem Risks

mitigateOur award-winning supplier collaboration platform that enables you to mitigate ESG risks by bringing visibility into operations of suppliers-of-suppliers improving adaptability, ensuring compliance & reducing cost.

Our platform further enables you to drive growth by rapidly orchestrate the introduction and delivery of new ESG-embedded products and services you’re your product mix, open and serve new markets and / or add ESG components to your existing products and services.

Actionable Insights

actionableOur prowess in advanced data science and analytics enables us to produce extraordinary insights that provide your teams with the AI-powered information needed to drive sustainability performance.  We leverage rapid-fire capabilities with ESG data in real time, to deliver insights that lead to the ESG solutions needed to drive efficiency, deliver cost savings, and produce better sustainability performance and outcomes.

Whether it’s interactive data visualizations, automated data normalization, or multi-source data fusion analytic capabilities, we can help. We know every mission must include analytics, and success hinges on in-depth understanding and experience. That’s precisely what we deliver.

Competitive Intelligence

competitive analysisIdentify and scout emerging companies and technologies that have the potential to advance your sustainability agenda.

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