Prodigii Genesis

At a time when so many companies are relying on new research and technology to increase energy efficiency, lower their carbon footprint, and curb GHG emissions for themselves and end users, Prodigii ESG Intelligence efficiently and effectively brings you the global information that you need to make informed business decisions.

If you are working in sustainability and ESG and need any of the following, you should be our customer.

Investing In Sustainable Technologies & Innovation

Follow which technologies, organizations, and people are receiving funding.

Technology Transfer & Business Development

Find freedom to operate, potential licensing, or partners or investors.

Competitive Intelligence

Discover organizations and universities that are working in the same or related area of your interest.

Research Strategy

Identify early-stage technologies to inform your research time, money, and attention.

Base your business decisions on precise data analysis

In business and finance, a lot of companies offer services, technology platforms – products that can focus only on one industry or create products/services applied to a single sector. That is why we designed Prodigii ESG Intelligence to start out as a cloud-based industry agnostic business intelligence platform. In this way Prodigii can help companies across all sectors and industries monitor developments and innovation in sustainability. But we don’t end there. As part of the implementation process, our team is available to work with you to hone the supporting data to produce the first-rate intelligence information specific to your sector, industry, geographic location or field of research that you find to be the most valuable to your business.

Helping you make better-informed decisions about where to direct your time, money and attention

Our mission is to help you make better-informed decisions about where to direct your time, money, and attention.

Prodigii’s ESG Intelligence platform is a state-of-the-art software platform that involves analyzing various and often seemingly unrelated data with sophisticated algorithms to unlock hidden connections and well-concealed patterns that would be impossible to detect with the human eye or traditional methods. We are highly skilled at making sense of both structured and unstructured data. We are experienced with working on complex problems involving images, speech, and text. We customize solutions that use both syntactic and semantic analysis, and our delivery team has successfully executed several projects involving Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Mining, and Text Classification. We actively work with the latest and most sophisticated Machine Learning techniques to deliver these solutions. Our aim is to solve even the most complex data problems of the present and to continue exploring solutions for the unstructured data of the future. 


Competitive Intelligence

Prodigii ESG Intelligence reveals the technologies your competitors are actively pursuing and how far along they are in the innovation process. We give you the ability to follow the money, by showing the top commercial and academic organizations that are receiving funding or investing in a technology area. We also show which organizations are leading research, developing prototypes, and protecting intellectual property within a technology area. By tracking competitive activity over time, Prodigii sheds light on the potential threats that lie ahead, helping you make informed decisions on which opportunities you should pursue.

Identify & Scout Emerging Technologies

Prodigii ESG Intelligence brings the latest innovations from commercial, academic and government research organizations around the world to you in a few clicks. We show you the experts and the organizations receiving funding, leading research, publishing, patenting, building prototypes, and sponsoring clinical trials in a specific technology or therapeutic space to inform your decisions around investments, licensing, acquisitions and research spend.


Commercialization Help

We want to help inventors and researchers monetize and commercialize their IP by giving them prior art searching capabilities and insight into potential partners, investors, grant-makers and other funding sources. Our software helps organizations and investors find IP assets, inventors and start-ups looking for partners or funding.

Distilling Data Into Innovation

Innovation can come from anywhere, including technologies borrowed from distinctly different fields or unrelated applications. Prodigii ESG Intelligence reveals non-obvious relationships amongst research, patents, or breakthroughs that may not be directly related to an existing technology, but could prove to be an incremental improvement or transformative.


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