ESG begins with the fundamentals.

The Rise of ESG Has Been Historic

ESG has captured the business world’s attention and is growing exponentially. But many business professionals, perhaps even some members of your own Board still consider ESG to be the buzzword du jour. This may have been true at one time, but no longer. The underlying forces at work are well known. Consumers, investors, lenders, rating agencies and governments around the world expect greater visibility into an ever-broader range of ESG metrics to better understand diverse social and environmental risks. With over 4,900 signatories to the Principals for Responsible Investing (PRI) and over $103 Trillion in assets under management (AUM) (midyear 2022), the fact is that the Sustainable Investing Market is simply too deep and too vast, making corporate ESG reporting a permanent fixture in the business landscape.


Prodigii Begins With Your ESG Fundamentals

In essence, ESG is a set of high impact – high value measures that can contribute directly to your organization’s risk management profile, sound governance, and social responsibility. ESG can even be used to create new sources of sustainable alpha, which creates new sources of liquidity for your business

Among our first steps are to help make your company more efficient at measuring your ESG footprint and more intelligent about sustainability in general.

Step 1: Establish Materiality

We begin by helping to establish materiality for your business by applying the latest in ESG industry standards. For example, To do this we rely on standards issued by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) which operates under the auspices of the International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS). IFRS operates with two standard-setting boards - The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the newly created International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) standards. When combined with any government mandated and standards and disclosure requirements that your business is subject to, you can rely on the industry best practices provided in the standards that Prodigii ESG is built on and trust in the information that Prodigii ESG produces.


Step 2: Gather Supporting Data

We then proceed to working with you to gather the supporting data across a variety of known and uncatalogued internal corporate sources and external data sources such as reference, industry, business, and sentiment data.

In most organizations we find that the information to manage ESG is scattered across hundreds of applications, data stores, spreadsheets on isolated laptops—even in paper files. Collecting and understanding this data is a big challenge we can help you overcome.

Step 3: Automate ESG Analytic

Finally, as one of the last steps during this stage we help you to automate the production of a set of decision-useful metrics and related information that you need to manage the sustainability implementation process within your company.


Comprehensive Metrics

Global Standards

Best-In-Class Practices

Prodigii helps you understand your company’s true sustainability profile and potential. Whether you want to gain a complete understanding of your Company’s Environmental Profile, Social Impact or a snapshot of how your company’s Governance will be perceived by investors.

Here is a summary of the main product features, outcomes enabled and the professional services that we provide in support to every Prodigii ESG client:

Prodigii ESG Descriptive & Diagnostic Analytics

Level I

Focus on the fundamentals

Key Features

  • Our team begins by working with you to apply the latest in universally recognized international standards and metrics to establish materiality of your ESG risk factors.
  • We then work with you to design and present you with a secure customized ESG data model that will enable you to produce key metrics and periodic reports up to including real-time analytics and dashboards.

By applying the latest in international ESG standards and applicable regulatory disclosure requirements, we design and create a bespoke data model that provides users with the ability to make more informed decisions by integrating material ESG metrics with accounting and other related operational data.

Finally, an ESG Management System that Works on Your Terms

Prodigii’s secure cloud-based ESG solutions are fully configurable and accessible through a workstation, tablet or other handheld device, and are deployed to your infrastructure and workflows.

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