Integrate ESG into your business strategy, use ESG data to power your workflows, create custom analytics to spur innovation, and use insights to help you outperform the competition. 


"Regular earnings reports, forecasts, and projections can help to maintain stock value. The more information you give to potential investors, the more reliable your company will seem. Transparency inspires trust and allows investors to make confident, informed decisions. By putting profits back into your company and investing in the future, you create the best climate for growth and increased share value.

Given the fierce competition, there is little value to be extracted from traditional data sources, such as historical price series or balance sheets, and proprietary firms have to creatively develop new sources of alpha in order to stay relevant."

Comprehensive data and best-in-class analytics to power your ESG performance

Prodigii is the leading enterprise level ESG management platform that powers your sustainability-workflows with a comprehensive combination of ESG data, sophisticated analytics, advanced digital technology and AI-powered insights that you need to create outsized performance in sustainability.

The Better Your Data,
The Better Your Decisions

ESG presents a new way of defining and managing the relationship between your business, your investors and other stakeholders and the world.

Recent surveys by Forrester and others indicate insufficient ESG data Is the biggest challenge preventing corporates from meeting the ESG expectations of the capital markets and other stakeholders.

Firms that invest in automated, advanced ESG data and analytics today are well positioned to adapt to the continuing changes in regulations and stakeholder expectations.    

You Need Accessible Data

Organizations that can access ESG information in real-time with the click of a mouse can effectively create and reach sustainability goals. Organizations that cannot access ESG data easily cannot align ESG with their strategy and operations.

You Need Effective Technology

ESG data needs to be collected and analyzed from dozens of data sources. When organizations face ESG-related implementation problems, the cause is usually a lack of the effective technology needed to carry out the massive management, analysis, integration, and reporting functions that business leaders need.

You Need to Understand the Data

CEOs and CFOs know the financial condition of their companies at any moment in time. But few know their environmental status and how sustainability issues within their organization are trending. Business leaders need to reorient themselves with quality ESG data to incorporate sustainability into their organization.

What makes Prodigii so powerful is our customizable workflows, global data ecosystem, and AI-powered insights and analytics.


Get Your ESG Fundamentals at the Speed of Business

Whether you need to uncover hidden opportunities and risks, or if you need to understand the fundamentals of your ESG rankings, Prodigii has the solution. Prodigii gives you the ability to rapidly and efficiently automate your ESG ranking processes.

Prodigii automates and streamlines the process of creating a comprehensive set of fundamental ESG metrics. With Prodigii, you can fulfill your regulatory requirements and make smarter sustainability decisions.

To top this all off, Prodigii gives your teams customized workflows and analytics that deliver critical ESG information directly into your decision-making processes. From thought experiment to process execution, Prodigii’s tools give you the power to test your hypotheses, identify opportunities, and visualize a path forward. 

Establish ESG Fundamentals at the Speed of Business

CEOs and CFOs know the financial condition of their companies at any moment in time compared to competitors, peers, industry and the market as a whole. Yet few have the same level of understanding of how their environmental, carbon emissions and other ESG scores are trending. 

Prodigii can give you this understanding. With global, connected, and real-time data, you can optimize ESG performance with dyanmic insights essential to understanding and improving your company's ESG scores, improving your company's public perception in the process.

Prodigii allows you to access benchmark data, economic intelligence, and market aggregates data to help you analyze relationships. Prodigii generates risk models, real-time exchange, and pricing data that help you monitor and manage your ESG strategy and practices. 

Get AI-Powered Insights to Solve ESG Problems

Meeting ESG requirements means you need to manage massive amounts of reporting data on everything from emissions to ethical supply chains. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the obvious solution to this challenge.

Whether your organization is looking to capture low-hanging fruit or endeavor into pioneering R&D to create breakthrough solutions to sustainability problems, Prodigii can help. We will demystify AI, help your stakeholders understand where and how it can be applied, then identify and prioritize use cases based on “pain vs. gain”. 

Our collaborative methodology, decades of experience, and world-class skills in data science and analytics enable us to build – or help you build – demonstrably valuable solutions to a universe of meaningful problems that create added risks for your business. These solutions are cost effective and enable you to outperform the competition.

Finally, an ESG Management System that Works on Your Terms

Prodigii’s secure-cloud-based ESG solutions are fully configurable and accessible through a workstation, tablet or other handheld device, and are deployed to your infrastructure and workflows.

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