Explain the unknown.
Predict the future.
Optimize performance.


Build ROI driven
solutions that improve
ESG rankings.


Strengthen resilience
and agility throughout
the enterprise.


Leverage our expertise in Analytics and Business Intelligence.
Accelerate time-to-value.
Ensure ESG is value accretive.


Make sustainability simple.
Beautifully simple.


Sustainability is more than a business fad. Modern organizations need artificial intelligence, big data and beyond to become more sustainable.

Who Are We?

Who Are We?

goProdigii, LLC was formed in 2020 to create the world’s premiere Big Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence technology company in sustainability. We partner with companies like yours to build innovative Big Data solutions to the problems of today. And then we work with you to seek effective solutions to the problems of tomorrow.

What We Do?

What We Do?

We empower Fortune 1000 & Global 2000 companies to create and implement data and analytics driven strategies that:

  • Innovate environmental sustainability.
  • Apply leadership that champions inclusive prosperity.
  • Advance governance excellence.
What We Deliver?

What We Deliver?

Accelerated time-to-value monetization of ESG strategies. By accessing comprehensive cross-asset data and A.I. powered analytics, we enable our client - companies to:

  • Augment people and decisions with advanced A.I and data science
  • Drive growth and innovation through Adaptive A.I. systems.   
  • Institutionalize trust. 

No matter what sustainability challenges you're facing, we can build your solution.

The Better Your Data,
The Better Your Decisions

ESG presents a new way of defining and managing the relationship between your business, your investors and other stakeholders and the world.

Recent surveys by Forrester and others indicate insufficient ESG data Is the biggest challenge preventing corporates from meeting the ESG expectations of the capital markets and other stakeholders.

Firms that invest in automated, advanced ESG data and analytics today are well positioned to adapt to the continuing changes in regulations and stakeholder expectations.    

You Need Accessible Data

Organizations that can access ESG information in real-time with the click of a mouse can effectively create and reach sustainability goals. Organizations that cannot access ESG data easily cannot align ESG with their strategy and operations.

You Need Effective Technology

ESG data needs to be collected and analyzed from dozens of data sources. When organizations face ESG-related implementation problems, the cause is usually a lack of the effective technology needed to carry out the massive management, analysis, integration, and reporting functions that business leaders need.

You Need to Understand the Data

CEOs and CFOs know the financial condition of their companies at any moment in time. But few know their environmental status and how sustainability issues within their organization are trending. Business leaders need to reorient themselves with quality ESG data to incorporate sustainability into their organization.

Whether it be Patterns, Predictions, Optimization, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, or the latest Big Data & IOT technologies, we have an experienced team that can help your company create breakthroughs in sustainability innovation.

Pattern Recognition

Unlock hidden connections and well-concealed insights in your data

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Predictive Analytics

Accurately predict and identify actions to positively impact the future

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AI Driven Optimization

Construct the best possible solution under a variety of constraint

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NLP & Text Analytics

Extract insight from text data and put it into the context of your business

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Computer Vision

Analyze and interpret images & videos even better than a human expert

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Internet of Things

Harness systems, sensors, simulation, big data, & algorithms for Industry 4.0

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World-class ESG expertise, technologies, and analytics.

Personal service.

Sustainable bottom-line results.

goProdigii was formed in 2020 to create a premiere Data Science company focused on solving critical problems in sustainability. In 2022, top-ranked data science consulting firm, Soothsayer Analytics became an investor and equity member in goProdigii. With a combined team of over 120 data science professionals, goProdigii is rapidly emerging as a powerful leader in sustainability. No matter what sustainability challenges you're facing, we can build your solution.

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