goProdigii & Soothsayer Analytics 
Empowering companies to get deep insight into their ESG performance


GoProdigii's strategic partnership with Soothsayer Analytics helps you build a sustainable organization of the future.

Empowering companies to get deep insight into their ESG performance using the power of NLP and predictive analytics.

About GoProdigii

goProdigii serves organizations facing global sustainability challenges — to catalyze practical, scalable solutions that enable the sustainable economy we all want to have. goProdigii’s ESG Solution Accelerators offer access to a unique set of advanced transformative data, analytics methods, and technologies that, when combined with world-class professional services, remove the complexity and uncertainty of addressing ESG issues that are material to business in and through each stage of the ESG management process — from inception through disclosure.

About Soothsayer Analytics

Soothsayer Analytics helps forward-thinking companies leverage Data Science to explain the unknown, predict the future, and optimize their business. We build custom algorithms and A.I. tools, engage in cutting-edge R&D, and design Analytics Centers of Excellence. Our Data Scientists come from diverse backgrounds such as Rocket Science, Physics, and Engineering, and our client base spans many industries. Whether companies are newly endeavoring into analytics or looking to develop pioneering applications powered by Artificial Intelligence, Soothsayer can help. Our deep experience and understanding of best practices enable us to provide actionable insight and demonstrable ROI.

“This strategic partnership makes sense because environmental, social and governance (ESG) is increasingly seen as a big data problem. With the added complexity of uncertainties in models, constantly evolving unfamiliar datasets, the evolutions in ESG standards, developing regulatory reporting requirements focused on sustainability issues, added to growing pressures so see results in ESG by investors, and you can quickly see why many companies are struggling to make sense of ESG.”

“Soothsayer’s world-class expertise in developing bespoke A.I. solutions enables goProdigii to quickly build and deploy solutions in a wide array of areas related to ESG — from TCFD models to evaluate climate risk — to sophisticated prescriptive analytics needed to support ESG performance optimization of ESG — to applying A.I. to create bespoke ROI driven solutions to some of the most complex problems in sustainability — this partnership with Soothsayer makes goProdigii a real competitor on the global ESG stage.”


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