Partner Ecosystem
The only way to build a better future is together

A Unique Model of Partnership

Many organizations only maintain partnerships when it's convenient. For them, partnerships are merely a business arrangement. That's not how we do things at goProdigii.

At goProdigii, when we enter into a partnership, we're teammates. We collaborate with our partners to create the best solutions for our customers, bringing our collective expertise to the table for every solution. Our partners regularly contribute to our clients success by generating new ideas, expanding our vision, or brining up ideas that have worked in other industries.

goProdigii Global Strategic Partners

Including some of the most celebrated names in their respective industries, our global strategic partners help customers transform into smart, best-run sustainable businesses. We're fortunate to be associated and supported by these outstanding experts in their fields.


Refinitiv is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure, with $6.25 billion in revenue, over 40,000 customers and 400,000 end users across 190 countries. goProdigii has partnered with Refinitiv so our data scientists can use their data to innovate in the sustainability investment marketplace.


Soothsayer Analytics provides the data analytics foundation for everything goProdigii does. When we need to transform huge amounts of raw client data into useful ESG information, we work with Soothsayer Analytics. It is the professionals at Soothsayer Analytics who work with the data Refinitiv provides us to find groundbreaking new ESG applications.


Dialog Media Group is our creative and digital marketing partner. Collecting and understanding ESG data is only the first part of a successful ESG project. The second part is translating ESG insights into meaningful change by communcating inside and outside the organization. This is where we bring in the Dialog Group.


goProdigii is a licensee of the SASB Sustainability Accounting Board standards. The SASB standards are the USA's leading standards for sustainability best practices. SASB's leadership is presented through their published Frameworks. Due to the nature of the dynamic ESG industry, SASB not only presents these changes to their partners, they help us understand the changes.


goProdigii is a member of AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability and Higher Education, a professional society with over a thousand higher education member institutions. The aim of the AASHE is for higher education professionals to pool resources to learn from and educate each other, and goProdigii brings ESG and sustainability excellence to their member organizations.

EPOCH Pi is a for purpose investment bank that helps conscious companies survive and thrive beyond the transaction so they can continue to influence, inspire, and exemplify how the power of business can have a profound, positive impact on all: customers, employees, suppliers, communities, the environment, and shareholders.

We Are Looking for More Excellent Partners.
Could Your Organization Be One of Them?

There are hundreds of industries ready for excellent ESG governance services. We are looking for organizations in these industries with whom we can partner.

We don't look for partners that are the biggest or flashiest in their industry. We look for partners who share our values. Organizations that...

  1. Treat customers with respect.
  2. Practice servant leadership.
  3. Try new things (and are willing to be wrong).
  4. Guide customers, not order them around.
We are looking for partners who treat their client engagements like student-teacher relationships, where clients benefit from our shared experience.
Does this sound like your organization? If so, drop us a line.