About Us

We are goProdigii

We are world-class ESG & sustainability experts

We are a leading ESG professional services and technology company. We offer professional services to help you create cutting-edge, comprehensive ESG implementation solutions. We provide the technological infrastructure and professional expertise you need to create practical, scalable solutions to global sustainability.

We at goProdigii support the rapid orchestration of capital, innovation, and action to deliver solutions for the most pressing problems facing people and the planet – problems that have a nexus in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues on a local, regional, and even global scale.

Our mission is to help leaders disrupt, innovate, and transform while leveraging the power of data to build an irresistible future for people, organizations, and the planet.

Our priority is providing value and individualized service to each of our customers.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced software engineers, data scientists, subject matter experts and analysts.

Our software is meant to help both domain experts and business professionals by giving views from multiple perspectives. Whether you are seeking opportunities and need an understanding of a technology and the players in the space, or you want to do a deep dive into patents and developments in sustainable technologies within your field or industry, Prodigii’s software provides exactly what you need. You do not have to be a Domain Expert in all things ESG or sustainability to use our application because we have designed analytics in the background to help you find similar and related information, including the patents, research, organizations, trials and money related to the science or technology.

We want to hear from you and understand how we can make your job easier, save you time and help you make confident decisions based on data.

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