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Prioritizing ESG Is No Longer Optional

The demands to implement ESG are coming from everywhere. It's impossible for business leaders to ignore the pressing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges their companies face today.

Business stakeholders — customers, employees, investors, communities, partners, and suppliers — are turning up the heat. They are demanding ESG transparency, quality, and progress.

Is sustainability a transformative business practice? Or is it just a fad?

Many business leaders still see sustainability as a fad with unclear market value. We understand why - the results are still largely unproven. Nevertheless, ESG funds are expected to reach $54 Trillion (US) by 2025, representing nearly one third of all assets under management (Bloomberg).

Capital markets are reacting: valuing sustainable companies at higher multiples, tying rates to ESG performance, creating new green financing vehicles, and issuing shareholder resolutions to force boards to implement sustainability programs.

“If Planet Earth were a business, no executive could look at the metrics — whether melting glaciers or widening income disparity, whether disappearing rainforests or the global economic crisis — and not come to the same conclusion: we need a turnaround.” 

A Global ESG Shakeout Has Begun

In the US, regulators at every level of government are mandated to incorporate climate considerations into their decision-making frameworks. Both the US SEC and the EU ESMA are issuing a growing body of climate and truth-in-disclosure regulations. The EU has taken thing a step further by treating considerations of ESG risks as a fiduciary duty. Law firms around the world are gearing up for “greenwashing”-related litigation.

The message is clear: companies are now required to exercise the same rigor with ESG as they do now in the management of financial data — and include both the upstream and downstream relationships, decisions, and effects that flow out of that data. 


The Better Your Data,
The Better Your Decisions

ESG presents a new way of defining and managing the relationship between your business, your investors and other stakeholders and the world.

Recent surveys by Forrester and others indicate insufficient ESG data Is the biggest challenge preventing corporates from meeting the ESG expectations of the capital markets and other stakeholders.

Firms that invest in automated, advanced ESG data and analytics today are well positioned to adapt to the continuing changes in regulations and stakeholder expectations.    

You Need Accessible Data

Organizations that can access ESG information in real-time with the click of a mouse can effectively create and reach sustainability goals. Organizations that cannot access ESG data easily cannot align ESG with their strategy and operations.

You Need Effective Technology

ESG data needs to be collected and analyzed from dozens of data sources. When organizations face ESG-related implementation problems, the cause is usually a lack of the effective technology needed to carry out the massive management, analysis, integration, and reporting functions that business leaders need.

You Need to Understand the Data

CEOs and CFOs know the financial condition of their companies at any moment in time. But few know their environmental status and how sustainability issues within their organization are trending. Business leaders need to reorient themselves with quality ESG data to incorporate sustainability into their organization.

The business world is only beginning to understand the connection between ESG performance and shareholder value.

We believe they are deeply connected.

That is why we created goProdigii.

Creating Sustainable Alpha

At goProdigii, we understand that creating new sources of stakeholder value needs to be closely accretive to shareholder value:

  • increasing liquidity
  • reducing material risks
  • improving market share, profitability and brand equity
  • realizing measurable gains in human capital
  • and enhanced strategy execution

We believe that if done properly, ESG is a set of high impact, high value measures that contribute directly to your organization’s risk management profile, sound governance, and social responsibility.

More than that, we believe that ESG done properly can create new sources of sustainable alpha for your organization.




Our data scientists utilize AI/ML algorithms to global standards to understand the unique needs of each customer. The results provide guidance for every aspect for a client ESG Ecosystem.


Our breakthrough innovation has roots in fact-based analytics, bringing in global best practices and frameworks and combining those with sustainable networks to deliver out-of-the-box advances.

Data and Technology

We combine unique customer data in an international framework, utilizing advanced AI to provide investor transparency, management insight and sustainable communications.

Professional Services

Our search for sustainable alpha, breakthrough innovation, and transparency culminates within sustainable networks. As our team likes to say, “Bring ESG into your DNA.”

Our ESG Multiplier Effect™ strategy unlocks your organization's sustainability potential

  • Gain a complete financial and non-financial perspective of your business. 
  • Access both your financial and non-financial status at the touch of a button. 
  • Immediately know the ESG health of every part of your business and be able to create action plans for them.
  • Provide your stakeholders with a “single source of truth” showing the true status of your sustainability.


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