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Who are we?

We help companies create new profit and value from ESG

goProdigii is a consultative, next generation ESG Information, Communication and Technology partner. Our data driven approach to ESG makes our guidance relevant, timely, and actionable, enabling clients to rapidly put our insights, products, and services to work.

What we do

We help companies turn sustainability leadership into step function increases in market value

We partner with our clients, maintaining an open dialogue with investors and other stakeholders that transforms our methodology and real-world experience into wisdom that can shape each client’s success in attracting ESG investors.


Our Services

We help companies establish the standard for integrity in sustainability

With investors demanding more, you need to clarify what you stand for and back it up. To convince potential investors and regulators, you will need to show the evidence behind your ESG promises and disclosures by incorporating ESG into your enterprise DNA.

We provide our clients with true, reliable thought leadership in ESG. Our deep industry knowledge and years of experience, when combined with our modern ESG cloud platform enables you to exercise the same due care in ESG that you now do with GAAP and IFRS accounting standards. Most importantly, from day one of implementation, goProdigii enables you to integrate ESG easily and efficiently with your FASB disclosures. All bedrock requirements for investors, regulators, and other stakeholders.



goProdigii licenses and applies the SASB Materiality Map® and full Standards in all our work.

Just as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and The International Accounting Standards Board (IFRS) provide the frameworks for financial accounting, SASB provides us with a global framework for sustainability accounting. Sustainability accounting refers to the measurement, management, and reporting of ESG activities. Additional information about SASB can be found here .



Regardless of what stage of sustainability you are in, our ESG Strategy Assessment will ensure that you have the right platform to launch your ESG Strategy to the next level.
  1. Make decisions and leverage empirical data to create a unified, end-to-end view of how your company will deliver on its ESG promises.
  2. Map disclosures, metrics, company priorities and the data required to fulfill them to the people with responsibility for implementation.
  3. At each step in your sustainability journey, we help you determine how to best put the ESG information and analytics into the hands of the people making the decisions that will drive sustainability forward at your company.


ESG reporting is becoming ever-more complex and demanding, particularly for global organizations that report to multiple frameworks. goProdigii’s 4IMPACT ESG Analytics Suite is a global data and analytics software platform, built to manage the complexity and dynamic nature of ESG and sustainability data.
  • Focus on Strategy. User friendly dashboards provide the foundation to support your decision making at the enterprise level. Our ESG data assurance process ensure you can report with confidence to investors and other stakeholders while fulfilling global regulatory disclosure responsibilities, simply, eectively, and smart.
  • Investment Grade. Produce financial grade reports requires confidence in the data and auditability at every step in the process, from data collection at source through to the production of reports
  • Focus on Execution. We enable your teams to focus on execution by placing AI-powered ESG information and analytics in the hands of the right people managing sustainability in your organization on-demand.


goProdigii helps forward-thinking companies leverage Artificial Intelligence so they can plumb the depths of their ESG data to unearth the unknown, predict the future, and optimize their business sustainability.

Our strength lies in our ability to build and productize custom algorithms and analytical tools.

Our team is active in R&D and well-versed in disruptive innovations, such as Deep Learning, Meta- model-based Simulations, and Natural Language Processing.
Our team has a proven and ecient delivery methodology that addresses every aspect of project startup, requirements analysis, design & development, execution & testing, user acceptance, and production support.

Regardless of the model, our team of Data Scientists, Architects, Developers, and Big Data experts can fill missing competencies, prevent your ESG project pipeline from being interrupted, and ensure that sustainability projects run smoothly.

Centers of Excellence

If you are looking to develop a ESG Center of Excellence, you need a partner who can consult, build solutions, and train your team at the same time. goProdigii can help with every facet of your strategy and train your team in bleeding-edge skills along the way.

Since multiple projects will be identified to complete each year, individual projects can be handled with the appropriate approaches allowing for completion of more projects than if you were handling the process on your own.

Each of our ESG Centers of Excellence engagements are customized to the unique needs of your organization. Teams are comprised of diverse teams of subject matter experts skilled in goProdigii’s unique “We the Leader” leadership methods.



4IMPACT is a first-in-market SaaS solution that enables companies to assess and manage their sustainable business performance at each stage of the sustainability business cycle while building brand loyalty and innovation through the continuous integration of ESG into their culture, operations, and products and services.

4IMPACT can be made to comply with any ESG law or disclosure reporting framework in the world. goProdigii licenses and applies the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Materiality Map® and full Standards in our work. Our products and services are presently available to the following industry sectors.

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Consumer Goods



Renewable Resources & Alternative Energy



Technology & Communications

Resource Transformation

Food and Beverage


Extractive & Mineral Processing


World-class ESG expertise, technologies, and analytics.

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We have expertise in all facets of ESG and Data Science and deep experience integrating our analytic solutions into business workflows. Give us a chance, and we will be the best decision you ever made.

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